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How Virtual Estimates Work

Virtual Estimate

During the walkthrough, you will be asked to flip the camera on your device
around to point away from you.  Your representative will ask you to walk through
your home room by room, discussing which areas need to be cleaned.
In order to get an accurate quote, it is critical that your representative sees everything to be cleaned.

So please be sure to show your representative your entire home — including
areas such as the Kitchen, Bathrooms, and room-by-room.  Your representative
will ask you questions and make helpful suggestions throughout your
walkthrough to ensure that your quote is tailored to your cleaning needs.  It can
be helpful to bring a notepad along to take notes.  In the event, you lose service
or your device freezes during the walkthrough, your representative may ask you
to send photos or may call you on the phone while reviewing the online listing of
your home.  After the virtual quote, your representative will prepare your estimate
and email it to you within 30 minutes.

Although virtual estimates are a new experience for many of our customers, we
have been doing them for years and we are confident in our accuracy.  Our
representatives are all easy to talk to and will ease any discomfort you may feel
about the process.  Afterward, you will be confident that you’re in good hands
and that you’ve made a great choice to whom to entrust your cleaning needs.


Experience the convenience, personalized attention, exceptional quality, trust, and stress-free benefits of our virtual cleaning survey.

Benefits of the Virtual Quote

Our Virtual Quotes are a revolutionary way to estimate your cleaning needs. It’s not just efficient; it’s also safe and incredibly accurate.

🕒 Time-Efficient: Say goodbye to time-consuming in-person assessments. Our virtual walkthrough typically takes only 15-30 minutes, making it a quick and hassle-free process.

🦠 Safe & Contactless: You don’t need to meet anyone face-to-face. Our virtual survey ensures your safety, especially in these times of COVID concern.

📏 Precision & Accuracy: When conducted correctly, virtual surveys provide highly accurate cleaning estimates. You’ll know exactly what to expect from our services.

🗓️ Scheduling a virtual survey is easy. Your dedicated move coordinator will work with you to determine your preferred app, ensuring a seamless and convenient process.

Once the virtual quote is completed, our customer services representative will create an estimate that you will receive in your email in less than 15 minutes for your approval and scheduling of your services.