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[featured_item icon="maid" title="Reliability" title_link="0" icon_link="0" align="right" top_margin="page-margin-top"]All Bright’s reliable and solid crews possess the necessary skills and qualifications to complete your service order to your satisfaction.[/featured_item][featured_item icon="leaf" title="ECO FRIENDLY" title_link="0" icon_link="0" align="right" top_margin="page-margin-top"]

We care about our customer’s health and the environment, which is why we use eco-friendly equipment and non-toxic cleaning products and supplies that are safe for people and pets.


[featured_item icon="diamond" title="Insured and Bonded" url="https://allbrighths.com/services/one-time-cleaning?first_name=Henry" title_link="1" icon_link="1" top_margin="page-margin-top"]All Bright’s cleaning crews are insured and bonded for a worry-free cleaning experience.[/featured_item][featured_item icon="flower" title="Customer Satisfaction" title_link="0" icon_link="0" top_margin="page-margin-top"]We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and want them to feel confident in choosing us as their cleaning service provider. With our satisfaction guarantee, they can trust that we will do everything we can to ensure their complete satisfaction with our services.[/featured_item]
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[featured_item title="Legendary Recurring Cleaning" url="https://allbrighths.com/services/recurring-cleaning" title_link="1" icon_link="1" align="right" class="service1"]All Bright’s routine and customizable cleaning
services with concerns, needs, and wants in mind
– paired with reliability, consistency, and flexibility.
[featured_item title="One-Time Cleaning" url="https://allbrighths.com/services/one-time-cleaning" title_link="1" icon_link="1" top_margin="page-margin-top"]All Bright’s cleaning services on-demand – when you need them, when you want them – without the recurring schedule.[/featured_item][featured_item title="Deep Cleaning" url="https://allbrighths.com/services/deep-cleaning" title_link="1" icon_link="1" top_margin="page-margin-top"]All Bright’s deep cleaning services get into all the forgotten corners of your home – giving you the true meaning of deep clean.[/featured_item]
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[featured_item title="Custom-Detailed Cleaning" url="https://allbrighths.com/services/custom-detailed-cleaning" title_link="1" icon_link="1" align="right" top_margin="page-margin-top"]All Bright’s concierge-style cleaning service – bringing custom-tailored detailing to your high-maintenance lifestyle.[/featured_item][featured_item title="Move In/Out Cleaning" url="https://allbrighths.com/services/move-in-out-cleaning/" title_link="1" icon_link="1" align="right" top_margin="page-margin-top"]All Bright makes the clean up process of moving in or out of a location simple – with cleaning services that bring out the best in your current or former space.[/featured_item]
[box_header title="Select Your Project and Save!" type="h2" bottom_border="0" class="chooseService"][box_header title="Our bundles make it easier to save on your All Bright Cleaning services." type="h2" bottom_border="1"]
[box_header title="Our clients say it best" type="h2" bottom_border="1"][cm_testimonials testimonials_count="4" testimonials_icon0="quote" testimonials_title0="I think they do a good job, the crew is friendly, and I've never had anything stolen. They are trustworthy. If I leave my wallet or phone at the office, I don't have to worry about it being stolen." testimonials_author0="CHRIS I." testimonials_icon1="quote" testimonials_title1="Use them, I have used them at multiple properties and they are great. Trustworthy, that is the biggest thing for me." testimonials_author1="RYAN S." testimonials_icon2="quote" testimonials_title2="They were great and I would highly recommend them. Ernie is amazing, very response and very helpful when needing to reschedule or deal with any issues." testimonials_author2="NATASHA S." testimonials_title3="2 men cleaned the interior/exterior and screens for all windows in my 2 story, 3400 SF home and they did a FANTASTIC job. They worked systematically together from one end of my home with 1 man outside and 1 inside. They were clean, quite and very polite. Thank you All Bright Maintenance!" testimonials_author3="MELANY A." autoplay="0" duration="750" el_class="testimonials"]