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A Whole Home Clean Is One Step Away

Enhance and extend the appearance and prolong the life of your carpet.
Steam Cleaning is All Bright’s preferred method because of the water lift and heat capabilities, allowing for more water, dust and abrasive particle removal resulting in less wear and pile abrasion.

Clean windows inside and out! This service includes thorough washing of your windows inside and out. We will vacuum and brush the tracks and remove, wash and reinstall all screens.
Our professional equipment includes a washing bonnet, squeegee, glass washing solutions, and recommended razor blades for the best results that let the sunshine in!

You’ll have the cleanest house on the block! We’ll give your wood, stone, and concrete surfaces a proper pressure wash to keep them looking their best.
This service removes hard-to-remove dirt, mildew, paint, and residue from your decks, patios, driveways, and walkways. We also power wash the complete exterior of your home’s walls.

Construction is almost complete! One of a project’s last and often most daunting steps is the clean-up.
Dust Removal: Dust is removed from all surfaces, room by room, top to bottom.
2.- General Cleaning: We clean all rooms in the house inside and out.
3.- Detailing and Polishing: We ensure that all surfaces, corners, and edges are dust-free. We clean any place that might have been missed in the general cleaning and hand polish chrome and stone counters.